Russian Cricket League


The Russian Cricket League, March every year, Muscovites bid adieu to the Snow and welcome the Spring with great fervor. Thick jackets go into wardrobes and out come thinner, colourful ones.

The general ‘White’ all around suddenly turns into ‘Green’ of different shades, what with the Grass popping out of long hibernation and Trees exhibiting their fresh green leaves.

The Sun comes out in all its glory to witness sudden turn of events as Moscow starts bustling with outdoor activities. Youngsters bring out their Sports Equipments (Bicycles, Footballs etc.) and Gears and people do everything to enjoy great weather.

russian cricket photos 2

Amidst all this, a group of around 30 Indians grow younger and do what Indians do best – ‘Play’ and ‘Talk’the ‘Religion’ of Cricket to the best of their abilities. Business, Work, Weekend shopping, Holidays, Exchange Rate, Recession etc take a firm back seat over weekends. Friday afternoons trigger brisk ‘Whatsapp’ activity resulting in finalization of the Venue and Time of ‘Super Weekend’ Matches.

Football grounds turn into Cricket Fields and get decorated by a pair of Stumps, either side of an ‘imaginary’ pitch with a couple of ‘bat-wielding’ человек and 8 to 10 other человек waiting around for the ball to come their way. Passers-by struggle to hide their bewilderment at the proceedings and some end up asking ‘Что вы играете?’

Right from paying a visit to a police station, to cleaning the grounds in order to please the Ground Authorities, every conceivable idea is implemented to ensure that ‘the Game goes on’.

Sounds of ‘Catch it’, ‘Come for two’, ‘Pressure Pressure’ pierce the otherwise lazy weekends far better than the passing automobiles or chirping birds. Each player has different reasons for being out there – for some it is physical fitness, some others come for a mental recharge, some are out to burn calories while others come out to hone their ‘cricketing’ skills.

summer photosFrequent interruptions are the order of every cricket day – some are taken to ‘google’ the rules of the game and others to enjoy ‘Samosas, Pakodas and Garmagaram Chai’. All tremendous fun!!

Interruptions are followed by Resumptions and Resumptions are followed by more Interruptions . Many such Interruptions, Resumptions and numerous calls from Homes later, the cricketers head home. They try hard to please their families taking them out for dinner, shopping etc., however thinking about and longing for the next outing of Cricket.

Season Closures are never fixed and the second snowfall (sometimes the third) forces the season to a close. A lovely party cum presentation ceremony draws the curtains on each season. The deserving cricketers collect their awards, the winning team their trophies and the super supportive Wives get a chance to understand that their Spouses are not the only ‘Fools’ in the world.

March 15th 2015 and the hallowed Nikulinskaya Cricket Ground and Profsoyuznaya Cricket Ground stand on the verge of hosting another Cricket Season.

3 Cheers to the Game of Cricket and Hats off to the spirited Человек, and families of the Человек.

May the Game go on and on and on and on…..


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